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I’m not going to recite my resume (there’s a link for that👇), or tell you something about me that you could find out from Google. I’d like to share the parts of me the World Wide Web could never tell you. I started writing songs when I was 11 years old and I made two rap albums by the time I was 18. I knew I wanted a career where I could inspire the world with my words and influence consumer behavior, which is what drew me to public relations. I’ve always been curious about people and the factors behind their actions. I’m the girl at the party asking everyone about their life story and their decisions along their path. I’m also into research and when I don’t know something I dive deep into search engines, books, and articles to grasp the subject matter. I spend 90 percent of my time reading and learning about something new, and the other 10 percent at work. I’m into meditating and consider myself a spiritual bookworm. I have a strong connection with the deaf and hard of hearing. I love communicating with my friends in Sign Language. This is who I am in real life not on paper.

Recently, I was selected to participate in the Verizon AdFellows program - an opportunity aimed at increasing diversity in the communications industry, while giving 30 participants the chance to touch four distinct areas of integrated marketing at four global agencies. My personal rotation will include: Weber Shandwick (Technology & Healthcare PR), McCann Erickson Worldgroup (strategist), The Community in Miami and Verizon.

I am excited about the possibilities of finding a purpose that allows me to serve and inspires others.